Our Cabin in the woods is in the news

February 28, 2016

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Our little lakeside cabin is featured in this weekend’s Home & Design section of the Irish Times. It’s a lovely piece by Alanna Gallagher which focuses on the history of the building and my family connection to it, the changes we made in refurbishing it and the details of the interior design.

You can read the full article here

The newspaper piece ties in with another bit of exciting news: the cabin in the woods features in the new series of the TV programme Home of the Year. Perfect for those of us who love nothing better than to nose around other people’s houses, it will showcases our cabin and another 20 homes across Ireland over 7 episodes.

Home of the Year starts on RTÉ 1 on Thursday, March 3rd at 8.30pm.

Keep your eyes pealed for a glimpse of the cabin!

One response to “Our Cabin in the woods is in the news”

  1. Kris says:

    I absolutely love the flooring of the bathroom in the cabin in the woods, I keep returning to the photo of the bathroom. Are you able and willing to let me know who the supplier of the flooring is please. It’s a challenge to know what the product us…if It’s a painted floor or if this is a vinyl or if it’s a complex tile. Whichever, it’s very gorgeous and the colours are stunning. The whole home is very special, I do hope the owners continue to love it.
    I do look forward to hearing you. Kindest regards kris.

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