Hand made, elegant furniture and wooden accessories from Sebastian Cox

November 20, 2014

Took advantage of Open Studios at nearby Second Floor Studios – it’s London’s largest single site affordable space project with over 400 artists, makers and designers – to have a look at Sebastian Cox’s work.

Sebastian is a major new talent and his work is really attracting attention in the design world. He creates elegant pieces that demonstrate using sustainable principles does not mean that you have to compromise on interior design. As well as using local materials and traditional techniques, Sebastian makes use of coppiced hazel, which contributes to a healthy and diverse woodland. As Kevin McLoud put it: “Sebastian Cox is at the very pointy end of showing us just how versatile and productive our coppiced woodland can be. He is a true adventurer”.

Sebcox 1

The “Shake” collection produced in partnership with Benchmark, uses coppiced Kentish chestnut and English Ash. The doors are made from cleft chestnut shakes made using the ancient skill of cleaving – where wood is split along its grain with a Froe. They are split as thinly as possible to keep the door light and full of texture.

Sebcox 9

Sebcox 6

Sebcox 7

Sebcox 3

Sebcox 8

Crown candelabra from £35-95 hand coppiced Kentish hazel on a base of English ash. Each stem is hand turned to different lengths, making each candelabra unique

Sebcox 10

These “London Plane’ Christmas tree decorations are a steal at £15

Sebcox 2

This “Swill” shelf is made using the ancient technique of swilling – coppicing, boiling, soaking, splitting and weaving Oak, wrapped around a length of solid English ash

Sebcox 4

Sebastian’s work is available to buy online, as well as from Benchmark and Heals

It was a weekend filled with beautiful crafts and furniture. See my report of the Remodelista market of crafts and home accessories here

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